Tips for washing muddy bikes – MiniTip Monday

At some point when you ride off-road and your riding meets precipitation, washing your bike is required. That is in theory a simple process but doing so well is a skill learnt through way too many hours with a jet wash in hand.

I’m not a detailing kind of person but over the years I have learnt, painfully so, that washing your bike is a necessary part of riding. I typically use it as a chance to get a good look at my bike, find the parts that are attempting to fall off and solve the problems.

In the process of riding bikes and working at a training school, I’ve learnt a few basic do’s and don’ts that can make your life easier and make the process of scraping off the winter mud a touch nicer than it would otherwise be. Don’t get me wrong; spending three hours washing your bike after a muddy ride always still sucks.



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