A Travel Guide – Iceland

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Last year Brake was invited to ride supported around and through Iceland with Explore360. A bag full of cameras, two KTM’s and two weeks of cold later, we’d had one hell of an experience. We created a light travel guide above, put the best images below and wrote about them.

Firstly, thanks to those that helped us make this film possible. It’s been a huge film to make, easily the most complicated edit we’ve done yet and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. At the bottom of the article are links to all the companies they backed our idea for the video.


Iceland is an incredibly unique country. In the last few years tourism has exploded. every social platform is full of stunning pictures of waterfalls, bright green moss and people swimming in blue lagoon. If ever a trip has taught me that what you see ins’t what you get, it’s Iceland. The coastal road is stunning and generally where you’ll find the most captured parts. The big waterfalls, the stunning black sand and the bright green moss.

However, as our trip took us toward the central highlands it changed quickly. The sea of Dacia Duster high cars disappeared and the only people we saw were a single 4×4 and a solo walker. The landscape was swapped out from bright green and wet to a huge desert of volcanic ash, through which the Icelandic people have carved dirt roads for us to travel.

The point of both this monologue and the video is that Iceland is incredible. It’s empty, vast and stunning but in a completely different way to what you’d expect. The barrenness is familiar to anyone who’s travelled across a desert before. It’s dry and harsh, windy and battering. Even though it’s a few hundred km’s, it feels endless. When you drop in a dramatic scenery or colour change, the occasional humongous waterfall and some fish Jerky, you’ve got the makings of a trip worth the effort.


Thanks for watching. Until the next one.

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