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Mmm, yup. It is what is says on the proverbial tin. Two mates, out on a adventure, arrive at an abandoned rail road bridge. As they head into the crossing, the thing literally falls to bits. Now this doesn’t need much wording from me, you’d be much better off watching the video.


We still can’t get over “I’m holding it with my balls”. Hopefully he doesn’t have to hold much more with his balls during life, that could end up painful.


The Escape

Escaping the hole didn’t come easily. As expertly reported by the fine folks at Adventure Bike Rider Magazine, the duo ended up having to lower the bike down through the hole. That process wasn’t quick.


They were unable to lift the bike back up to the railroad, so instead had to remove the handlebars and lower it to the ground below. That seems like a savage punishment for not actually making a riding mistake.


Fortunately for Steve, he came away from the incident unscathed, generally in good spirits and with an awesome story for the pub. His desire to photograph the situation should also be commended. We’ve been trying to drive life lessons from this video and all we’ve circled back to is “If in doubt, flat out”.


Oh, and remember to always photograph and video it, otherwise it never happened.

To see more of Steve and Richards videos visit their Youtube Channel.
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