Watch – The Dakar 2018 Half Way Show

To watch the video press the play button above. 

Dakar 2018 has, thus far been incredible. The riding, the moments, the stories, the scenery and the closeness of racing have all been top notch. At the halfway point, the hardest days at yet to come and the only superstar not still at the front of the race is Sam Sunderland.


Heading into the second week, altitude will take its toll. That will be followed by a few hot days in Argentina that will see the race start to take place. There are some seriously long days packed into the second week. Every time a special stage stretches over 400km it’ll be a tough day, even if the riding is fast. There are also the legendarily soft, white dunes of Fiambala that could easily decide the outcome of the race.


Further down the order, heroic stories are already happening. Rafael Sonic rode his quad to the end of a stage with a broken leg, helped out by fan favourite Lyndon Poskitt. Speaking of Lyndon, his daily Vlog’s have been epic, giving a personal, fresh insight into the daily life of the Dakar. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here.  The Malles Moto or ‘Originals’ Class is also hotting up into an exciting race. Around 40 minutes separates the top three in the class where people are equal parts tough and stupid. You can view the standings by clicking here. You can the filter by class.


And lastly, if the Eurosport coverage, the daily Redbull TV coverage and Lyndon’s Vlogs aren’t enough, then you need 27Octane. Some over enthusiastic Youtuber has ben collating fan videos every singly day. It’s series dedication to the cause. We salute you good person.


And other than that, all you can do is press f5 on the results page a little more. What’s your favourite moment been so far? Let us know in the comments.


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