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The Handlebars are also a great bend for dirt riding.

Watch – A Guide to Basic Suspension Set Up

Suspension is the most dark of dark arts. It’s complex, confusing and small alterations can have big effects. With so many variables in your hands it can feel overwhelming. Yet getting a base understanding of suspension can be fantastic for making your bike work better.


We regularly refer to different areas of suspension in our bike reviews, blabbing about compression this, rebound and preload that. There is no doubt it’s complex. However, like most things things in life, building an understanding is a process of learning. That process starts with getting your bike and the suspension working in harmony by changing the spring rate through changing tension or spring rates. Almost all bikes have the capacity to do this and on most ADV bikes it’s tool free.


Once you understand what that knob actually does, you’re well onto the road of becoming a person that bores their friends by talking about suspension. Welcome to the club.


So give the video above a little watch, go out to garage and get fiddling.Feel free to drop you’re comments and questions down below and we’ll do our best to answer them.


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