Watch – How To Wheelie Part One

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Wheelies are one of the few things that everyone wishes they could do. Some of use spent enough time messing around as a child to be pretty damn good at them and the rest of us didn’t. But don’t despair. Minitip Monday is here to save your day.


Wheelies are by far our most requested tip, so we put it on our list as priority. However, explaining how to wheelie an expensive, large motorcycle made us nervous. It’s a recipe for disaster. The solution was to explain it from the ground up, meaning we’ve got to go back to being a child, messing around in the park on a bicycle. Bicycles are low consequence in comparison. They’re light, they don’t require you to cry immediately when they fall over and you’re probably not gonna hurt yourself.


That landed us at a three step process. Learn on a bicycle, learn on a small bike if you can, learn on your big/main bike. Over the course of the three weeks you should be able to build a really good base of understanding, giving your brain time to to learn each of the required skills involved. You’ll improve balance, brake control, comfort and by the end you’ll be in a position that every wheelie attempt is met with skill and safety.

At least that is the goal. So this is where you fall. We want to see your process. Drop images and link to video down in the comments below. Get your camera out and get filming.

And remember, life’s better when you’re riding.


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