Watch – How To Make A Dakar Style Toolkit

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Continuing our Dakar themed MiniTip Monday series from reading a Dakar Road Book, has led us to toolkits. Dakar Tool Kits are things of wonder. Dakar riders are renowned for outrageous feats of persistence, daring and overcoming adversity. Their ability to solve the most ridiculous mechanical issues in the middle of nowhere and keep up with the fast moving race is phenomenal.


What is even more impressive is that give or take a few things, most problems can be solved with the tools they carry. Each racer manages to squeeze all of the tools onto the bike too, without panniers or luggage space of any description. How do they do it? By choosing their tools carefully and making many of the tools multi functional, the riders create little toolkits capable of changing engines, tyres and much more.


The video breaks down all the tools that went into our Editor, Llel Pavey’s toolkit when he competed in the ’15 Dakar, what they were chosen for and what you need to do to make a great toolkit for your adventures.




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