Watch – One Tip For Better Off Road Riding

MiniTip Monday is about skills. It’s about showoff skills, workshop skills, travel skills and just sometimes it’s about nailing absolute core skills of motorcycling. This weeks minitip falls into the last category. You aren’t gonna be in awe of your mates when you pull up with two finger gentle rested on the clutch but when ride past on the next challenging hill because of it, you know why.


On street, riding with two fingers is a more contentious issue, with lots conflicting idea about what you should and should not do. Off Road it’s more a question of how few fingers you can get away with. Having more fingers on the bar mean a tiny bit more control less chance of the bar and your hand separating at a really critical moment.


We’d love to hear your input on this, so what do you prefer? How do like to ride? Let us know in the comments down below and remember, life is better when you’re riding.

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