Watch – How to Read A Dakar Road Book

To watch the video click the play button above.

The Dakar Road Book is how  every competitor navigates their way through the long, complex stage of the race. The GPS Navigation only provides direction information when you come with a set distance of a waypoint. The road book is a collection of instructions that add up to providing all the information a racer needs. It includes directions, information about the terrain, speed zones, compass heading information and most importantly it includes danger markers.

Each competitor has their own unique system for marking road books too. Marking are used to make road books clearer and easier to read. Using highlighters, riders make certain instructions bigger, and mark others with colour. No two riders have the same systems. The time spent marking is also used to give an understanding of the stage and commit some of the road book to memory.

For the full explanation of how it all works, watch the video above.

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