What difference does an exhaust make? | Tenere Project EP Two

For a long time I never got the chance to ride bikes that were vastly different from stock. My racing career money was spent on tyres, fuel and entries. I wanted to explore what actually happens when you re-fuel and fit a full exhaust system to a bike.

Firstly, can we address how pretty the Yoshimura is? Whatever else goes, I find it rather lustful. I learnt a ton in this episode; about bikes, fuelling and exhausts. Mostly, that google is useless, engineers are smarter than me and a fuel controller is money well spent.

After five days of riding and testing the T7 fuelling and exhaust I settled on the Dim Sport having Factory Settings. Plug it, leave it, ride it. The end result is a bike that rides a world apart from the stock bike, when combined with an open exhaust system. It’s entirely unnecessary but so is deep fried food and we all love that…

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