Why did BMW kill the G 450 X? – Brake Podcast

Triumph are building dirt bikes. As part of that excitement, we took a step back in time to to look at the challenges they face through lens of the failed BMW G 450 X Project.

BMW came swimming in the late noughties. They had a HUGE budget, a shiny bike, all the best riders, ideas coming out of every hole and they failed to build a bike or collection of bikes that held a torch to the competition. Competition that was much smaller, had less resource and more experience.

After four years the BMW was gone. They’d bought Husqvarna. A few years on they sold it to KTM, who did the opposite. They did what KTM do, buy, rebadge, sell, repeat. So where did BMW go wrong? They got a lot right, but killing the project so early seemed premature and expensive.

In the full pod we discuss this and way more about BMW and what the future could look like for Triumph. To hear it all, click the Patreon button.


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