Yamaha announce new e-bike models

Yamaha have been making bicycle motors for a while and last year they stepped into producing their own MTB, the Moro Pro. For ’22 they’ve expanded their range with big updates and new models

Brake Magazine might be motorcycle focussed, but almost everyone (bar Si Hewitt) he hangs around here rides mountain bikes on regular basis. We love them. There are e-bikes everywhere too and once you’ve ridden one it’s really hard to go back to analog power. After years of producing electric motors for other people’s mountain bike, Yamaha are now a full blown MTB manufacturer and like Yamaha often do, they’re doing things their own way.

We’re not MTB experts here and I won’t profess to be well versed in the MTB world’s love of geometry spec but the Yamaha does look cool. The main trail/enduro model is the Morro, available in two new specifications, the 05 and higher spec 07. Both feature Yamaha’s unique split top tube frame and the newest generation X3 motor. Basically they look cool and people like the motor. If you’re interested in how the previous Moro Pro rated vs the competition, watch the video below.






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