Yamaha Tenere 700

Yamaha Ténéré 700 Details Announced

Another huge announcement from the Eicma show is the impending Yamaha Ténéré 700. Welcome to our breakdown of the the good and the bad.

Yamaha have been parading the Ténéré 700 concept bike around the world for nearly a year and like fish at the end of the line we’ve been hooked waiting. It’s an exciting bike. It’s a bike that’s designed in response to the adventure motorcycle fan club demands. It’s a lighter weight (we think), longer travel, more dirt focused bike, that until recently has been the opposite of the adventure motorcycle trend.

The nitty gritty details are what we’ve been after and unlike KTM’s detailed and all encompassing announcements surrounding the 790, Yamaha are being tighter lipped. A few key details such as weight, price and concrete release date, were omitted from the releases. However, what we do have is promising for the more dirt centric, backcountry hunting adventure rider. The Ténéré uses the same base engine platform as Yamaha’s fun, highly regarded MT07 in a chassis ‘inspired’ by the T7 concept machine. It’s 58kw and makes a peak torque of 68nm (50ftlb) @6800RPM. Those aren’t ground breaking numbers, but 77hp is more than enough to keep you moving when you need to and keep things fun on the dirt.

“There isn’t a whole lot of complex tech involved”

Yamaha haven’t taken the Ténéré to the extreme numbers of KTM’s 790 Adventure, but it’s fitted 210mm ‘state of the art’ forks. That’s matched to a linkage rear shock with 200mm of rear wheel travel that features preload adjuster for changes when fitting luggage and so on. That longer travel and general chassis design have given the Yamaha Tenere 700 and relatively tall 700mm Yamaha have also fitted the 700 with a 21/18 inch wheel combination. After that, the feel of the components on the Yamaha suggest that the Japanese brand have taken a more minimalist approach.

The 16 litre fuel tank is expected to provide a range of around 350km’s and is distinctly traditional in design. Some of the rally styling has found it’s way onto the Tenere, with a clear wrap around style fairing and simple, clear LCD clocks. The ABS is switchable and it appears that the Tenere features a more simplistic approach to electronics. Beyond the futuristic, transformer-esque LED headlights that have become synonymous with Yamaha’s street bike lineup there isn’t a whole lot of complex tech involved.

That potentially means that the Ténéré 700 won’t entirely empty your wallet. The MT-07 removes a modest £6300 from your wallet and while we’re expecting the niche Ténéré to be more expensive it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it around the £8000 mark.


So what do you think? Does the more extreme, long travel, higher powered, technology filled KTM 790 ADV R or the simpler Ténéré float your boat? let us know down below.


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